Unleash creativity and innovation with my expert AI services.

With thirty years in creative industry/technology, I design tailored AI solutions that push the limits in business, education, and the arts. From AI consultancy to innovative Multi-Agent AI systems, my services are crafted to boost your projects and fulfill your ambitious dreams.
Discover my Manifesto on Ethical AI Development and Deployment here.

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AI Consultancy for Personalised AI Solutions

Boost your AI potential with bespoke consultancy for businesses, startups, and individuals. I specialize in AI tool selection, strategy implementation, custom data training, and staff training to enhance your digital projects. Ideal for those seeking efficient AI solutions.

Bespoke AI Chatbot Design & Training

Explore new interactive horizons with our custom-designed AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. We specialize in designing and training chatbots for seamless integration across various domains such as HR, customer service, and technical support—enabling intelligent, tailored interactions without any coding. Effortlessly set up and transform your platform’s engagement capabilities.

DIY Multi-Agent AI Chatbot Solutions

Harness OpenAI technology with our DIY Multi-Agent AI Chatbot Solutions. Tailor and deploy AI-powered chatbots to suit your specific needs, enhancing customer service or streamlining operations. Embrace the DIY spirit and create chatbots that align perfectly with your objectives.

AI for Education

Our AI Learning Tools transform educational experiences for individuals and groups. Leveraging AI, these tools provide personalized learning paths and incorporate gamification to make lessons engaging and fun. Our data-driven approach also adapts and improves teaching strategies, offering a revolutionary boost to both educators and learners.

AI Classes and Bootcamps

Discover tailored AI training for teams and individuals. Choose from essential modules for immediate skill enhancement and practical, industry-aligned growth in the AI landscape.

AI-Generated Art & Design Consultation

Create visually striking and unique AI-generated art for your projects. From album covers to promotional materials, I’ll help you develop your concept and utilize advanced AI tools like MidJourney to bring your artistic vision to life.

AI Content Creation & Strategy

Leverage the power of ChatGPT to craft compelling content for your website, social media, or marketing campaigns. With my expertise in AI content generation, I’ll help you develop a strategy that suits your brand’s voice and captures your audience’s attention.

AI & the Arts Workshops

Explore AI in the arts through our interactive workshops and lectures. Dive into photography, video, sound, music, and graphics, learning innovative techniques to enhance your creativity. Suitable for all skill levels, these sessions will show you how to integrate AI into your art, helping you create striking, innovative work and unlock your full creative potential.

AI-Prompt Crafting & Creative Ideation

Harness the power of AI-driven prompts to enhance your creativity and innovation. I’ll collaborate with you to craft custom prompts that inspire and expand your imagination. Learn to use AI tools like ChatGPT effectively, generating fresh ideas for projects, storytelling, marketing, or art. Let’s explore the vast potential of AI and prompt engineering to open up new creative horizons!