Multi Agent AI Chatbot

Today’s online world demands smooth, precise, and friendly interactions across services like HR, help desks, customer service, content creation, tech support, and tutoring. Our AI chatbot, powered by the latest ChatGPT technology from OpenAI, turns your website and app into a lively space for interaction. It offers personal, correct answers, thanks to its training in ethical AI.

AI Chatbot Key Features:

GPT Models Description and Credit Costs

ModelDescriptionCredit Cost
GPT-3.5Cheapest and fastest model for general use. Not recommended when high accuracy is required1 /message
GPT-3.5-16kSame as GPT-3.5, but processes ~4x more RAG context for better-informed output generation8 /message
GPT-4-1106-1kDesigned for background operations with no output and no RAG; recommended for Background Agents with no RAG and no function-calling5 /message
GPT-4-1106-2kDesigned for background operations with minimal RAG and limited function-calling; supports up to 2k total tokens10 /message
GPT-4-1106-4kDesigned for quality interactions; supports up to 4k total tokens for RAG20 /message
GPT-4-0125-8kSimilar to GPT-4-1106-4k; supports up to 8k total tokens for RAG35 /message
GPT-4-1106-16kSimilar to GPT-4-1106-4k; supports up to 16k total tokens for RAG60 /message
Tag and tag descriptions, variables and variable descriptions, as well as function descriptions all count towards LLM token limit.
If you exceed the limit, the query will not be successfully executed.

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